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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Super Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunt

Just a month ago, my daughter turned Super Sweet 16! For years I had dreamed of the party we would throw her; rented hall, DJ, catered food, everyone she's ever met plus all her family in attendance. Alas, on her 15th birthday when we finally asked her what she expected for her 16th birthday, she said she wanted a small party with a really cool theme. She told me that the scavenger hunt I had put together for her 4 years earlier was the best time she'd ever had at a party, but this time she wanted one on a much larger scale. And the idea was born for her polka-dot themed, super sweet sixteen scavenger hunt.

Here's what we did:

  • Recruited 3 adults to drive

  • Invited 8 people (plus the birthday girl is 9)

  • Split the guests into 3 teams at random

  • Each adult driver is paired up with a team of 3 guests

  • Scavenger hunt started and ended prompty with penalties for lateness

This was a heavily themed party. We started out with unique invitations hand delivered one month in advance to assure proper notice. I purchased white cardboard mailing boxes 6" X 4" X 2". Inside the box I included a bed of "polka dot" themed candies - Skittles and M&Ms. This was mainly to cover up the hidden color coded sticker that was stuck to the bottom inside of the box. This is how we randomly picked the teams. I also included instructions for the hunt, boundries, maps, tips and tricks for codes and ciphers that may be included in the hunt. I also included a secret hidden message that was written in code. On the top of the stack of papers I added a magnet with "Save the Date" information. All of this was printed on my home computer and cut to fit inside the boxes. I'll add more details later.

If you're interested in planning your own driving scavenger hunt and you would like some help, email me at

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benilhalk said...

That’s a really cool way to celebrate a birthday! Scavenger hunts are really fun. I planned one last year for me and my friends and it was way more fun than I expected. We had a really great event space to organize it in. You’d think that only kids would enjoy this, but that’s not the case.